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Swipes Is A To-Do List iOS App With Gestures, Filters, Tags & Scheduling

Clear for iOS might be dominating its genre in the App Store for now, but a few worthy competitors are likely to rise sooner or later. If you take a good look at Clear, the reason behind its success is simplicity. The app’s UI is minimalistic, and there are also a load of gestures that let users create reminders in a hurry. Swipes might appear to be a replica of Clear at first glance, but there are actually many differences between the two. Swipes can be considered a free, and more feature-rich version of Clear. The newly released app comes with support for tagging and detailed scheduling of tasks. Swipes can also nag you into getting things done by continuously showing you unfinished tasks in the form of icon badges. Unlike WorkFlowy, you can’t create multiple lists or even sub-lists in Swipes, but that is where the app’s comprehensive tagging system comes into play.

Swipes iOS Task Edit Swipes iOS Swipes iOS Schedule

There is a three-step tutorial that shows up when Swipes is launched for the first time, but even if you skip watching it, the example tasks saved in the app provide enough insight to help newcomers get started with ease. To make your data available across multiple devices, use an email address or your Facebook account to register for Swipes.

You can start adding tasks to Swipes by hitting the big ‘+’ icon located at the bottom of the screen. You don’t have to provide any alarm time or additional information while creating a task, as all of that can be done later. To add tags to your reminders, simply double-tap them and choose the ‘Set tags’ option from the resulting menu. A few generic tags are available in Swipes by default, but new ones can be created quite easily, too. One task can have multiple tags associated with it, which really helps if you want to search through your reminder list later.

Swipes supports adding notes to reminders, can notify you regarding a task at a particular time. As you have probably guessed by its name, Swipes supports quite a few gestures; swiping a reminder to the right marks it as done, while moving it in the opposite direction brings up scheduling options for it. To make the entire process efficient, Swipes doesn’t insist on getting an exact time for every task; you can also choose somewhat generic options like ‘Tomorrow’, ‘In a Week’ and ‘Unspecified’.

To search through your task list, swipe down from the top of the screen. Your tasks can be searched via keywords or using tag filters. Swipes maintains a complete history of tasks even after they have been marked as done, which can help you with restoring a reminder to the main list in case it gets deleted by mistake.

Swipes is a free app, and comes optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. Give it a go if you find yourself easily overwhelmed by some of the more glossy to-do list apps.

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