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Task Center: Browse News Sites, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Within Notification Center

Notification Center widgets are usually designed by Cydia developers to endow jailbroken iPhone devices with some small, yet useful, functionality. The features offered by such tweaks generally include a few Settings toggles, accessibility options or other similar functionalities. However, Task Center is a Cydia tweak that transcends this NC widget stereotype, converting your jailbroken iPhone’s Notification Center into a web browser (of sorts). Of course, you can’t key in any address using the tweak, but the predefined links that come with the widget include all the websites frequented by an average user. Task Center allows you to browse through the latest Sports headlines, news items from various sources or just your own social network (Facebook & Twitter) feeds. Using the tweak, you will also be able to watch YouTube videos without having to leave NC! Does all that sound good to you? It really is! Head past the break for details regarding Task Center.

Task Center NC Social Task Center NC ESPN Task Center NC News

To make Task Center appear in your iDevice’s Notification Center, you might have to manually respring your iPhone after the tweak’s installation. Once you have done that, go to the Notifications menu in the stock Settings app and enable Task Center from there. The tweak is still in its early stages of development, and hence, takes a few moments to load up fully. You cannot customize the Task Center link buttons manually, and will have to rely upon the ones that have been provided by the developer. The first button is labeled test, and can be considered the help menu for the tweak. Below that are the Twitter, Facebook and ESPN links. If you aren’t signed in to your social network accounts in Safari, do that by going to the stock iOS web browser (it is not possible to sign in from within the tweak for now, as the keyboard doesn’t work, but the developer has promised to fix this issue with a future update). Tapping the ESPN button will take you to the mobile version of the site, and you can browse through it within Notification Center, complete with photos and videos.

Task Center NC Categories Task Center NC YouTube

Task Center lists a lot of social networks and news sources other than the ones listed in the top 3 slots. You can navigate to them by scrolling down and hitting the ‘+’ button next to Social and News buttons. If you want, you can also browse Groove Shark and YouTube in NC using Task Center (the media is played satisfactorily). With the Submit a Site option, users can request the developer of this free tweak to add their favorite sites to the Task Center list. So, if you want to try out something completely new for your Notification Center, do give Task Center a try. The tweak is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store.

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