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TaskMaster Adds Music Controls & System Toggles To iOS Spotlight Area

iOS 7 might not be universally liked, but there are some features of the upcoming update that are sure to bring a lot of convenience to many people’s lives. One such useful addition to iOS is Control Center. Previously, users needed to rely on Cydia tweaks like SBSettings and Activator to have quick and easy ways of controlling system settings, but once Control Center is rolled out, most such options are sure to go out of business. A testament to the usefulness of Control Center is that even an Android clone of the feature has been released. The public availability of iOS 7 is still some way off though and until then, people need alternatives that are convenient and unobtrusive. TaskMaster is a new tweak that makes use of the Spotlight search area to place an array of different system toggles, controls and information to it, without talking away the area’s original functionality.

TaskMaster iOS Music TaskMaster iOS Toggles

TaskMaster is not a very customizable tweak, but this can endear it to many users who don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to configure tweaks before they become usable. After installation, just head to the Spotlight area and see the new Control Center. At the top of the screen, music controls are available. You can change a song’s volume, pause/play it, or go to the next or previous track. There is no seek bar, but album art is available in the TaskMaster menu.

Just below the music section, TaskMaster displays the brightness slider. A row of four system toggles follows the brightness control, but you can access even more toggles by swiping vertically on any of the available buttons. The listed options range from WiFi, Airplane mode and Do Not Disturb to VPN and respring. After these toggles, you’ll see four posting buttons that can be used to start composing a post on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email. Swiping this row of options upwards reveals some basic information regarding your iPhone. In addition to battery percentage, this section also displays data like your IP address, platform details, and memory stats.

You cannot change the toggles and their arrangement in TaskMaster, since the tweak does not come with a Settings menu of its own. Despite all the additions made to the Spotlight by TaskMaster, the basic functionality of the area remains unaffected. You can simply start typing anything in the text area, and the search results show up as usual.

TaskMaster fetches for $1.99 and is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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