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Test Your Hearing With An iPhone And A Quiet Room

Loud music can damage your ears and the best time to start taking care of your hearing is now. If you do have a habit of listening to loud music, or you’ve observed that you listen to most things on a higher volume you might already be suffering from mild hearing loss. Before you run to a doctor though, you should try Mimi Hearing, a free app for iOS that can test your hearing. Mimi Hearing requires iOS 8 or above to work.

Mimi Hearing is configured to work with two popular headsets, one of which is the Apple EarBuds that come with your iPhone. Using an unsupported headset will result in less accurate results.

Mimi Hearing-headphones Mimi Hearing-noise-level

The app can run two types of tests; the quick test that will test both ears to see how well you can hear six frequencies and the extended test will check your hearing capacity.

The frequency tests you for six frequencies. You are asked to put the earbuds in and follow the on-screen instructions. You will hear a sound of one of the six frequencies and using the on-screen buttons indicate which ear you can hear the sound in. Both ears will be tested for the six different frequencies. The extended test plays sound and asks you to indicate when you start hearing and how long you continue to hear it.

The results for the quick test show how much hearing loss you have in each ear and what your current hearing age is. The extended tests show how well you can hear each tone in each ear. It also shows how well you can hear in the ‘Speech Region’. The speech region is the frequency where human speech falls and the overlapping regions between this region and your hearing region show what sounds you can hear.

Mimi Hearing-quick-result Mimi Hearing-extended-results

The results can be exported as a PDF file. They are exported in a format that you can show to a doctor.

Mimi Hearing-pdf

The question here is how accurate is this test? The app developers don’t claim that it is one hundred percent accurate and we tend to agree. If you see alarming results in the app, visit a doctor. As far as our personal tests are concerned, we tested the app on someone with known hearing loss and the results were quite close to those administered by a doctor.

Mimi Hearing is not yet available for Android but it is in the works.

Install Mimi Hearing From The App Store

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