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That Movie With: Find Movies By Searching For Any Two Actors In It [iOS]

A long time ago when our phones couldn’t even tell time, a lot of people used to watch TV. TV channels aired shows, soaps, cartoons, and movies. Watching movies has since changed with many people using services like Hulu and Netflix to get their entertainment fix. People today don’t know the agony of catching a movie in the middle or at the end and having no way to find out what it was called. A vague Google search and maybe IMDb can now solve those problems but what if the only thing you remember about a movie you once watched are the two most, or relatively most famous actors in it? That Movie With is a free iOS app that lets you search movies by any two actors in them. You can search for an actor and the app will then list all movies that they worked in together.

The app needs an internet connection to work but nothing else. Tap the home screen and select the first actor you remember. If there are more than one actors with the same first name, the app will list all of them. The suggestions for an actor continue to refine as you type in the name and each suggestion is accompanied by a picture of the actor which means if you only remember a first name, you can use the picture to select which actor you are looking for. Once you’ve selected the first one, tap the bottom half of the screen where it reads ‘And’ in big letters and select the next one.

That Movie With search That Movie With and


Search for the second actor and tap to select. Once both actors have been added, swipe left to see common movies. Each movie that the two have done together is listed and you can scroll down to view them all. The year of release is also added to the movie results and if you tap a movie, the app takes you to its IMDb page.

that movie with actors movies


That’s all the app does and it has a nice simple interface to do it all in. Needless to say, there are no genres to select to narrow down your search and they certainly don’t need to be added. What might need adding is let’s say you only remember one actor’s name and something else about the movie. Perhaps you saw Bryan Cranston dying at the start of a movie and caught a glimpse of an ugly predator like flying monster and you want to search for Bryan Cranston and a monster for movies they have done together. Monsters and other recurring movie tropes should be made an option to search with to make the app more useful. And perhaps a search for movie by the characters in it would be a good idea too.

Install  That Movie With For iOS

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