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ThingLink For iOS Tags Photos With Twitter Mentions, Text & Videos

A picture might be a good replacement for words, but there are some photos that just can’t be understood unless they have a caption with them. Apart from such inexplicable images, publishing your thoughts about a picture is always a nice way of really expressing what’s on your mind. Adding a textual description and mentioning your friends in a photo’s description is nothing new, as services like Facebook and Twitter have been offering the capability for quite a while. Google+ recently introduced automatic tagging as well, highlighting the feature’s importance. The concept upon which ThingLink is based might appear to be similar at a cursory glance, but in reality it is much deeper. With ThingLink, the tags you add to your posts become a physical part of the image, rather than merely accompanying it. You can place the tags anywhere you want on the photo to get your full message across to all the recipients. Another great thing about ThingLink is that it allows users to embed video tags into their photos as well.

ThingLink iOS Feed ThingLink iOS Library ThingLink iOS Tags

ThingLink lets you explore almost all of its features without signing up for an account. You can browse through publicly shared posts from other users to grasp the main idea behind the app. The stream presented by ThingLink can be accessed by tapping the square icon in the bottom-left corner. This section has a grid-like interface, and allows users to view photos by merely tapping them once. To view the tags embedded in the image, simply tap the icons that are scattered across the image viewer. If a video is used as a tag, you can start playing it without moving away from the photo. Text tags can of course be read in a similar fashion.

ThingLink iOS New Post ThingLink iOS Video Source ThingLink iOS Share

To post ThingLink images of your own, you have to grant the app access to your Twitter, Facebook or email account (just one will do, although connecting multiple services with the app facilitates sharing). The camera tab in the app shows all the images stored in the camera roll of your iPhone, but you can also snap new photos right from within the app. Once a picture has been selected, simply tap anywhere on it add tags. There is no restriction on the number of tags one picture can have. Tags can be text, links or videos. ThingLink supports adding videos from the camera roll, YouTube or capturing from within the app. The sharing screen can then be used to post the image’s link to to Facebook or Twitter, or sent to others via email. Even if the a recipient is not on ThingLink, they can view the image, complete with tags, thanks to the service’s web version.

ThingLink has taken a simple concept and created an impressive app around it. You should definitely give this free and universal app a try, as the UI is pretty neat and the features aren’t bad either. There are plenty of other photo sharing apps available for iOS, but ThingLink deserves a special place of its own.

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