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TinyBar Trims iOS 7 Notification Banners To Stay Within The Status Bar

The release of the last two iOS jailbreaks has heralded the start of a waiting period for popular tweaks to get updated to support more recent versions of the platform. With iOS 7, we have already seen most of the high-profile tweaks get updated for the latest devices and firmware versions, but the real absentees are always the useful but somewhat obscure packages. You might not remember StatusBulletin, but the tweak certainly garnered a lot of praise from the jailbreak community at the time of its release. StatusBulletin shrunk notification banners to fit the status bar, and made the contents of the banners move along just like news tickers. TinyBar is a similar tweak, but comes with even more configuration options as compared to its predecessor, in addition to compatibility with iOS 7.

TinyBar iOS Settings TinyBar iOS Home

Although TinyBar comes with a comprehensive menu of its own in the stock Settings app, the tweak automatically springs into action right after its installation. Once TinyBar has been installed, the notification banners displayed by any app will occupy only the status bar, with their height shrunk to fit them there. Another apparent change in these banners is the motion of the text within the notifications. TinyBar makes sure that users get to read the entire contents of a notification before it disappears. This is ensured by automatically sliding the text along the length of the status bar in a ticker-like manner.

While you can be happy using the tweak just the way it is by default, there are a lot of personalization options with TinyBar that can be called into action to give a personal touch to things. It is possible to toggle the text scrolling, banner title and the notification’s icon. Making the icon and title disappear might be helpful if you want to turn your banners completely into news tickers.

The customization options available in TinyBar certainly make it different from other tweaks of its genre. Thanks to a few sliders provided in the TinyBar menu, you can change the height of the banners, the duration for which they remain on the screen, and the speed of text scrolling.

TinyBar is a free tweak and thanks to its bundle of customization options, we highly recommend it for any user who thinks the notification banners could be improved to some extent. Head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and grab TinyBar to give the iOS 7 notification system a whole new look.

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  1. I agree. The notification banners are bigger than iOS 6 and it’s annoying. I’m loving this tweak so far 🙂

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