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Touch Image Manipulator Is A Great Photoshop-Like Photo Editor For iPad

Most people don’t like moving on to a new app, even if it offers better features, just because they are familiar with the former app’s options and usage. If you have ever used Adobe Photoshop on your computer, and were hoping for a similar app on your iPhone or iPad, the official Adobe apps are sure to have disappointed you a little. On the other hand, Touch Image Manipulator is an iPad app that will make you feel like you really are using Photoshop. Everything about the app mirrors Photoshop features and layout. You can edit images pretty comprehensively using the filters, layering options, brushes and a truckload of other awesome options offered by Touch Image Manipulator. The app can be used for anything ranging from casual image tweaking to professional-level photo editing. Head past the break for details.

Touch Image Manipulator iPad

You can define any canvas size before beginning to edit an image, and once you have done that, Touch Image Manipulator lets you load images from your iPad’s gallery. Each image that you edit in the app is saved as a separate project, and you can continue your editing endeavors even after taking a break. So what are the editing options offered by Touch Image Manipulator? Here’s a list of everything you can do using the app.

  • Layers: The best feature of TIM is its support for multiple editing layers, just like the real Photoshop application. You can add as many layers as you want, and the options to reorder, hide and remove layers are available as well.
  • Selection Tools: Although freehand and lasso selection tools can be used via the sidebar in the app, you can get more comprehensive and detailed path selection features by tapping the selection icon in the top bar of the app. Some of the selection options include Magic Wand, selection-inverter, grow/ shrink selector and even pixel selection.
  • Dimension/ Orientation Adjustment: The pen icon in the top bar of TIM will let you crop, rotate and resize your photos. It is also possible to shift the perspective of images using the Perspective Transform option.
  • Clone Tool: Located in the sidebar, this tool allows users to copy and reproduce any part of the image being edited.
  • Color Picker: Automatically selects any color you tap on in the photo, so that it can be used elsewhere.

Touch Image Manipulator Brush Touch Image Manipulator Text

  • Brushes: The app has an impressive array of brushes that can be customized pretty thoroughly. You can select the texture, size and angle of your strokes. Touch Image Manipulator also comes with a full color pallet, and you can use any color from there before adding your personal artistic touch to a photo. The Fade option for brushes gives an even more realistic effect to your painting.
  • Text: Long press the text icon in the side bar, and you will be met with an astoundingly comprehensive text editing menu. There are a lot of fonts available for users, and you can also align the text with complete ease in any way you want.
  • Colors: As discussed earlier, Touch Image Manipulator has every color you can ever want. The available colors can be applied via brushes, or by using the Fill button offered by the app.
  • Magnify: Although the app supports pinch-to-zoom, the magnify tool brings more sophistication and convenience to the whole process.

Touch Image Manipulator Filters

  • Filters: The filters and photo effects offered by TIM are divided into 4 categories including Image, Color, Effects and Distortions. Each filter, listed under its respective category, shows a preview of its effect before you actually make any changes to the photo. All the popular filters are available in the app, including emboss, Gaussian blur, pixelate, etc.

Touch Image Manipulator has an undo button to let you rectify your mistakes easily, and although the interface of the app could have been better, you won’t regret downloading it on your iPad. TIM is available for free for a limited time, so hurry up and grab the app from the following link.

Download Touch Image Manipulator


  1. Pls I don’t really know much abt ipads but I need an ipad with graphics drawing features like coreldraw,photoshop or similar applications and where I can browse,send emails etc..

  2. Pls I don’t really know much abt ipads but I need an ipad with graphics drawing features like coreldraw,photoshop or similar applications and where I can browse,send emails etc..

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