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Track What Foods You’ve Burnt Off With Your Daily Activity Level

Losing weight is daunting. If you’ve got a lot of numbers to reduce on the scale you might already see it as a goal that’s too difficult to accomplish. The key is to take baby steps. You can start out with just walking daily and don’t necessarily have to hit the gym everyday until you’re ready for a more aggressive approach to weight loss. If your smartphone has a built in activity tracker then you can use it to count the steps you take daily, and Movesum will tell you how many calories you burnt that day. It’s a free app for Android and iOS that connects with your phone’s activity tracker, takes your daily activity information, and translates it into food you’ve burnt off.

Open Movesum and allow it to access your activity data. The app will only work if your phone can track your activity. We’re pretty sure it will work with the iPhone 6 and above but it’s not possible to list which Android phones the app will work with. You will have to open the app page on the Google Play Store and check if it’s compatible with your phone or not.

The app will tell you, in terms of food consumed, what you’ve burnt off with the day’s activity. It doesn’t give you the number of calories burnt but instead the food you’ve burnt off like say a burger, or a hotdog, or fries, or a slice of pizza. You can set goals for yourself with Movesum where a goal is the number of steps you have to take everyday.

movesum-burger movesum-goal

I love this app both for its simplicity and for what it does but it needs one small addition to make it whole; an actual calorie count. I like that the app tells me what food I’ve burnt off but at the end of the day, knowing the caloric figure will help me set future goals and manage my weightloss with the other health apps I use.

Install Movesum From The App Store

Install Movesum From The Google Play Store

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