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Easily Transfer Contacts & Calendar Events Among iOS Devices Over WiFi

The fact that iCloud has the capability to keep your contacts and calendar entries synced across multiple iOS devices might have contributed towards repressing the development of alternative ways to get your personal data transferred to a new device whenever you purchase a new iPhone or iPad. In case you keep all your contacts and reminders synced with a cloud service, this isn’t much of a problem, but if your data is scattered across multiple services or is only available offline, shifting from one device to another can be a real headache, even if the newer one is an iDevice as well. In the past, we have seen solutions like securedContacts, which lets you export your entire address book as a CSV file, but this option only works for jailbroken devices and requires a few extra steps even then. With Device Switch, you don’t need to sign up for any account or perform any complicated procedure; all it takes is a Wi-Fi connection, a few taps and you are done transferring your address book and calendar events to your new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Device Switch iOS Welcome Device Switch iOS Options

The only requirement of transferring data using Device Switch is that both devices must be running the app, and on the same Wi-Fi network. To get started, hit the ‘Next’ button and wait for the app to scan your network for devices. Once the iDevice you are looking for shows up, just tap its name. Now you have to tell Device Switch whether you want to transfer data to or from the selected device. In either case, a code shows up that the user has to enter into a text box to authenticate the connection.

Device Switch iOS Types Device Switch iOS Resul

Once Device Switch has established the Wi-Fi connection between the two devices, the next step is to choose the type of data you want to share. It is possible to transfer both contacts and calendar events using the app by toggling on the appropriate options. As soon as you hit the ‘Next’ button after that, the transfer is initiated. Just make sure the Wi-Fi connection remains undisturbed during the transfer and neither of the devices goes in sleep mode. When the transfer is complete, Device Switch displays a summary of the entities that have been shared.

Device Switch is a pretty smart app and automatically sends all the transferred data to the right apps in your iPhone. The photos and additional information associated with your contacts are imported by the app as well, leaving little room for improvement in the whole app (except its interface perhaps). You can get Device Switch for free by heading to the following link. The app only works with iOS 6, and is optimized for iPhone/iPod touch.

Download Device Switch For iOS

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