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Trapit Is An Intelligent Browser & Flipboard Alternative For Your iPad

Flipboard rules the news reader category in iOS, while no web browser is as cool as the newly released Chrome app. Both these apps look particularly good on the iPad’s larger screen, and you would think that no new app can give them a run for their money. Well, Trapit is a new iPad app that combines the goodness of both these apps, and the end results are pretty awesome. Although the app does have a stunningly beautiful interface, it is not just all glitz and glamor. Trapit can prove to be a really time-saving and useful app that has the ability to learn your preferences with time, and will provide you with all the best and relevant results each day. Not only does the app let you create a personalized news feed, you can also use it to search for any particular keyword, and it will come up with elaborate articles from a vast variety of sources.

Trapit for iPad Search

To begin using the Trapit app for iPad, you will have to sign up for a new account. Doing so requires just your email ID and a new password. The account creation is necessary to keep your personalized feeds available across different devices. So, once you have got your new account, you can begin creating your own Trapit magazine or search for anything. The search box on the main page of the app lets users find articles and blog posts related to just about any topic in the world. If you want to follow the keyword you used for the search, you can Trap it and add the topic to your feeds by hitting the small ‘+’ button. The articles displayed by the app are arranged in the form of tiles all over the results page, and it is possible to share, like or dislike anything even without opening the link. If you want to read something later, hit the second button in the options bar, or you can simply open the post by tapping it once.

Trapit for iPad ArticleTrapit has a Like system of its own, and it uses your feedback to learn more about your preferences, so that future results are more optimized for you. In addition to that, you can also share each item over Facebook, Twitter or via email. The More Articles button at the bottom bar of the screen will take you back to the main search results page.

Trapit for iPad FeaturedIf you are not sure what keyword you should go for, go to the main page in Trapit and navigate to the Featured Traps tab. Some of the most popular news categories are listed there, and you can find some really good traps to follow here. To collapse opened traps, hit the penultimate button in the top bar.

Trapit is a free app, and available for iPad in the App Store.

Download Trapit for iPad

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