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Marvel Turns Your iOS App Wireframes & Sketches Into Working Prototypes

You’ve just thought of a brilliant idea for an iOS app. This app is going to change the world and within two hours time you’ve sketched out a wireframe diagram for your amazing app. All you need now is to find a designer and maybe a developer or two to make it happen. Sound simple enough, right? You have the design so how hard can it be to talk people through your wire frames? Maybe not hard but it doesn’t make for much clarity and if you could, you’d opt for a working prototype instead. Marvel – Turn Sketches Into Prototypes is a free iPhone app that does exactly what its name implies. It uses photos of the sketches and wireframes you’ve created and lets you add hotspots to them. The hotspots link to other sketches i.e. other screens that you’ve designed. When you’re done linking the sketches together, you can run them on your phone to show how your app would work. You can create projects for the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPad. The app requires you sign in for an account or use Dropbox to sign up.

Launch the app and sign in. Create and name your first project and select which device you are prototyping for.

name project select device

You can add photos from your camera roll or take them with your camera from within the app. Snap a picture and resize it in the given area. To take more pictures, tap the green check mark button, to return to your project and add hotspots, tap the red cross button.

add images next image

If you’ve signed in to Marvel using Dropbox, all your photos will be synced to Dropbox. Tap an image to open it and then tap the hotspot button on the top right corner. Move the hotspot around and resize it to fit over your sketch. Once you’ve placed a hotspot, two options appear; Link to and Remove. Tap Link to and it will open all other photos in your current project. Tap the one you want to link that button’s action to. Once you’ve added all hotspots needed on the first photo, use the navigation buttons at the bottom to move on to the next photo.

uploading images add hotspots

Continue adding hotspots to all your sketches and when you’re done, tap Preview. You can exit the preview by pressing the volume up or down button. The preview shows nothing other than your sketches but when you tap an area on the sketch that you added a hotspot to, it switches to the sketch that you linked it to i.e. to the next screen. It doesn’t get easier than this; the app is very simple to use and it’s free.

Download Marvel – Turn Sketches Into Prototypes From The App Store

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