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Tweet From Your iPhone’s Springboard via The Dashtweet Widget [Cydia]

Dashboard X (reviewed here) is all the rage over at the Cydia store these days. People are calling it the biggest thing to come to iOS since Notification Center. The widgets platform is still in its early days though, and there aren’t a lot of widgets available for it yet. However, due to the potential of Dashboard X, a lot of developers have now started coming up with new ideas for iPhone widgets. To no one’s surprise, one of the first widgets exclusive to Dashboard X is related to Twitter. Meet Dashtweet, a Springboard widget that lets you tweet from the home screen of your iDevice. The widget even has some fancy features, like Pastie integration (for tweets that are longer than 140 characters) and support for various colors in which you can compose your tweets (although, of course, your tweets will be posted as ordinary, black-coloured ones).

Dashtweet Colors Dashtweet Widget iOS

After you have installed Dashtweet, the widget won’t be added to your device’s Springboard even if you are already using Dashboard X. You will have to enable Dashtweet by entering jiggle mode, and then holding your finger over some empty area of the screen. You will see that Dashtweet has now become available in the widgets list. Simply enable it from there, and you are good to go. The widget will use the primary Twitter account that is set up on your iPhone, and you don’t have to sign in to Dashtweet separately. To change the color in which your tweets are composed in Dashtweet, go to the stock Settings app and enter the Dashtweet menu. The single option that it contains will let you choose the text color.

Tweets composed via Dashtweet can be posted to Twitter by hitting the blue button to the right of the widget. If the text exceeds the 140 character limit, Dashtweet’s Pastie integration will come into action. Admittedly, the widget isn’t completely bug free and the interface can certainly use a few interface improvements, but it is pleasing to the eye, and serves the purpose for which it has been designed. Many will say that Dashtweet endows the iOS 5 Twitter integration with a completeness that has been sought by many users. You can grab Dashtweet for free by heading to the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store. Do remember that you will need to have Dashboard X installed on your iPhone before you can use Dashtweet.

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