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TweetAmplius Removes Character Limit From Twitter & Tweetbot For iOS

Since Twitter is a microblogging service, the 140 characters limit for tweets is quite sensible. There are cases though when conciseness can’t help you. For example, a humorous tweet won’t sound too funny if you had to break it into multiple parts. In addition to that, many deem the character limit on direct messages to be less reasonable than that on tweets. There are countless web-based solutions to this problem, and even smartphones platforms have apps of their own to free users from the limitation. With TweetAmplius however, you don’t have to switch to a new Twitter client in order to bypass the character limit. This Cydia tweaks allows you to send direct messages and tweets of any length from Tweetbot and the official Twitter app for iOS. Long tweets are automatically shown as links that point to a Pastie page.

TweetAmplius iOS Compose TweetAmplius iOS DM

TweetAmplius does not make many visible changes to an iDevice. The tweak has no SpringBoard icon or Settings menu, because there is no need to configure anything. Even in the Twitter app, there is no visible change until you exceed character limit while composing a new tweet or direct message. Once that happens though, the counter just goes blank instead of going into negative character count, and the ‘Tweet’ button at the top of the screen remains active. The same happens for direct messages, but the execution is a little different. While tweets are shortened automatically with a Pastie link at the end, DMs are broken into multiple parts and sent as standalone messages.

TweetAmplius iOS Link TweetAmplius iOS Pastie

TweetAmplius makes full use of the available timeline space, and a link is added only when your tweet exceeds 140 characters. Anyone who clicks the link is taken to a rather simple-looking page containing the full text of the tweet, including the part that was shown in the preview. Anyone who wants a fancier, and jailbreak-free alternative of TweetAmplius should give Scrivor a try, even though it is a standalone app.

TweetAmplius is a new tweak, and has its fair share of problems. It made the Twitter app crash on our iPhone 4 whenever we tried attaching an image with the tweet. If you don’t face this issue, the tweak works well for its purpose in terms of functionality. You don’t even have to ask the app to add a link at the end of your tweets, or worry about breaking the continuity of your direct messages. TweetAmplius is available as a free download in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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