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Ultimate Fitness App For iOS Provides Exercise-Specific Workout Timers

You can probably find many fitness apps for iPhone and iPad that are more detailed and feature-rich as compared to Ultimate Fitness App (UFA), but UFA comes with a simplicity that makes sure you concentrate on your workout more than the app itself. UFA has got all the essential features that a fitness-related app should have, and it presents them in a pretty uncomplicated manner. The app comes with a few specialized timers meant to help you finish a workout in the perfect duration. As most people work out while listening to music, the app sports a simple music player of its own as well. The best thing about Ultimate Fitness App is the fact that it allows you to add notes related to different exercises, and if you don’t have the necessary knowledge yourself, you can download PDF files from any source of health and fitness information and use them to schedule your workout.

Ultimate Fitness App Home Ultimate Fitness App Menu

The main page of the app shows a clock and other main options. UFA has a background music that will keep playing wherever you visit the app (you can turn that off using the BGM button on the main page). The Settings menu of the app lets its users view the PDF files stored in the app. You can download such files from UFA’s own web version by going to the Workout Vault. If you are looking to make some fitness notes of your own, UFA has a minimalistic word editor that serves the purpose.

Ultimate Fitness App Notes Ultimate Fitness App Music Ultimate Fitness App Instructions

The Notepad in Ultimate Fitness App will let you save as many notes as you want. The music player in UFA has Repeat, Shuffle and volume options. Apart from that, users can also manage playlists through the Music Settings area. So, now that everything is place, you can start working out. To do that, go to the app’s homepage and hit the New Workout button. You will be asked to choose an existing PDF or note that will serve as a guideline for your workout.

Ultimate Fitness App Timers Ultimate Fitness App Workout Timer Ultimate Fitness App Tabata Timer

Based on your selection of workout, UFA will suggest the type of timer you should use (or you can select one yourself). There are four timers in Ultimate Fitness App.

  • Ultimate Timer: Lets you define circuits, rest time and number of sets for each exercise, so that the measurements remain accurate.
  • Boxing Timer: Define the length of each round, and let it rip.
  • Tabata Timer: Tabata is a special form of training that consists of various sessions, each one 20 seconds in length.
  • Simple Session Timer: Pretty self-explanatory.

The history of your past workouts will show up in the Saved Workouts section, and visiting that menu can prove to be a good way of judging your own performance over time. The app is free for a limited time, and optimized for both iPhone and iPad. You can grab it from the link given below.

Download Ultimate Fitness App

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