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Cydia Substrate Updated With Support For iOS 7, iPhone 5s & Other A7 Devices

The MobileSubstrate update that jailbreak users has been waiting for is finally here. Cydia developer, saurik (Jay Freeman), announced the update in a tweet just a few moments ago. Although we’ve been able to install and use certain old tweaks and quite a few new ones in the first week after the evasi0n 7 jailbreak tool was released, a majority of what the Cydia store had to offer remained partially or completely incompatible with both new and old devices. As mentioned in our iOS 7 jailbreak guide, updates from both the evad3rs and saurik were needed to patch up certain fundamental incompatibilities. The evad3rs rolled out an update shortly after the initial release of their jailbreak tool, and now, Substrate too has been updated to 0.9.5000 with full support for iOS 7 and A7-based ARM64 devices like the iPhone 5s. For any tweaks to work on A7 devices, though, they would have to be recompiled for compatibility with the ARM64 architecture.

While you’ll probably have to wait a while for most of your favorite tweaks to be updated with ARM64 and full iOS 7 compatibility, there are a few you can try right now, such as Aaron Ash’s popular Barrel tweak, which adds tons of icon transition effects to your home screen, and HASHBANG Productions’ SwitchSpring, which offers an intuitive way to restart the SpringBoard (respring) and kill all apps at once from the iOS 7 app switcher. There might be more that are already compatible or are soon to be updated. Devs are announcing ARM64 and full iOS 7 compatibility for their tweaks on Twitter as I write this post.

If you’re new to Cydia and are wondering what Substrate is and how you might be able to update it, you’ve come to the right place. To put it simply, Substrate is a platform that a lot of Cydia tweaks rely on. It forms the base that these extensions latch on to. Up until now, it wasn’t fully compatible with the new iteration of iOS and the new architecture that powers Apple’s current flagship phone and tablet, and so, jailbreak users haven’t been able to ultilize all that the Cydia store.

How To Update Mobile Substrate From Cydia

Updating the Substrate package is the same as updating any other Cydia tweak. Simply launch Cydia, wait for it to update its database, then switch to the Changes tab. You’ll find the Substrate update highlighted at the top of the list. Open it, and hit Modify > Upgrade > Confirm. When Cydia is done updating, tap the ‘Return to Cydia’ button that appears at the bottom.

Cydia-Substrate-update MobileSubstrate-update-iOS-7-iPhone-5s

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