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Upload Screenshots From Your iPhone To Your Dropbox Account

Screenshots are a popular feature on the iPhone and not just because we have text conversations to tweet or post to Reddit. It’s an easy way to save something useful on your screen without resorting to a third-party app to bookmark or save it for you. For my own part, I end up taking quite a few screenshots when I review an app. You can use Carousel, Dropbox’s own app for backing up photos if you want everything in your camera roll backed up but if you want to limit it to just screenshots, Drop Shot is a decent alternative. It quickly filters through your camera roll and identifies which photos in it are screenshots. You can then select from the filtered out screenshots which ones you want to upload. Once you’ve uploaded images, you get the option to delete them from your device and free up space.

Open the app and connect it with your Dropbox account and then allow it to access your photos. Tap Choose Screenshots and then select which screenshots you want to upload. You can choose multiple screenshots at once. The photos are saved to a folder called Screenshots.

drop shot drop shot select screenshot

The screenshots will upload in the background and you can close the app or switch to a different one. When you return to the app, it will ask you if you want to delete the screenshots you previously uploaded or upload more.

drop shot _trash dropshot_delete

You can disconnect your Dropboax account from the app’s settings any time. You must have the Dropbox app installed on your phone. You can find similar apps for Android, Windows, and OS X.

Download Drop Spot From The App Store

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