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Upload Self-Destructing Photos To Facebook With Secret.li For iPhone

Apps like Snapchat are famous for providing quick ways to communicate in a manner that the communication can’t be traced back to you. There’s no record of the conversation or any images you might have shared, and the only thing that limits the app’s usage it that both sender and recipient must be using it. If photos are mostly what you would like to share in secret, Secret.li is an iOS app that lets you do just that. It adds a ‘filter’ to your photos that hides them from view and allows you to share them on Facebook with all or select friends. The photos will self-destruct after an interval, though you may choose how long they will be kept. The photo is shared to your recipients’ timeline with the filter intact; anyone who sees it or clicks on it will not see the actual image unless they are the ones you shared the picture with.

Secret.li lets you add photos from your library, your Facebook feed, or your camera by snapping a new one. Connect the app with your Facebook account and then select/take a photo to share. Once you’ve selected a photo, choose one of the filters to apply to it and manage its intensity from the slider at the bottom.

select photo  add filter

Tap next to continue. You can enter a message that will accompany the photo and choose who you want to share it with. At present, you can only share photos with your Facebook friends. This can be one or more friends, an entire list of friends, or all your friends.

Once you’ve selected your friends and optionally written a message to go with the photo, choose an expiry interval and proceed to share the image. The app asks you if you want to notify your recipient(s) and if you choose to do so, it will send them a Facebook message. Photos can be saved for an hour, a day, or a month. You can’t specify a custom expiry time though, and will have to choose one of the three options provided.

message select friends

You can review your shared photos from the home tab. By default, they appear with the filters you’ve applied to them but tapping them removes the filter and allows you to directly see the images you’ve shared. It doesn’t, however, show you who you shared the photos with, nor does it show you the time that remains before the photo will expire.

Install Secret.li from App Store

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