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Upload Videos To Instagram From iPhone Camera Roll With InstaChooser

Instagram introduced media embedding just yesterday, which is the service’s second big announcement in a month. The biggest announcement in this period was the addition of videos to Instagram, of course. The popularity of Instagram’s video sharing can be gauged by the fact that there are already some Cydia tweaks coming out aimed at it. InstaChooser might not be offering a functionality that seems completely intuitive at once, but the feature can come in handy on plenty of occasions. The tweak allows users to choose videos residing in their camera roll for sharing on Instagram. You can apply filters to these videos before uploading them, and even stitch new snippets with existing clips. This means that InstaChooser can be used to edit videos present in your local collection, even if you don’t want to share them with your friends.

InstaChooser iOS Import InstaChooser iOS Notif InstaChooser iOS Video

In order to use InstaChooser, you need to have the official Instagram app installed on your device before downloading the tweak. If you have the app, head to the BigBoss repo of the jailbreak store and grab InstaChooser for $0.99. Once installed, the tweak adds a menu of its own to the stock Settings app, but the only option available there is to enable/disable the video import functionality. The real changes, however, occur inside the Instagram app itself.

In video capture mode, right next to the recording icon, a new ‘Import’ button is added to the mix by InstaChooser. If you want to shoot videos the usual way, press the red button but if your intention is to load a video present in the camera roll, hit Import. A bit unnecessarily, InstaChooser displays a confirmation dialog whenever someone tries to import videos to Instagram. The option is meant to act as a safeguard against accidentally leaving recording mode and discarding a clip inadvertently. The collection of videos shown by InstaChooser includes ones present in your library across different albums, so you don’t have to worry about going through the entire camera roll to find the video you’re looking for.

If the video loaded to Instagram using InstaChooser is shorter than 15 seconds, you can long-press the red button to merge a new clip with the existing one. Videos longer than that cause the app to crash, at least in our experience. The rest of the procedure is the same as normal with filters showing up after recording, followed by a choice for the cover frame. InstaChooser needs some polishing, and the developer needs to address all the crashing issues, but the functionality it offers would be worth a try for many people.


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