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Use A Voice Command To Get Directions In Google Maps On Your iPhone

Google has been releasing updates for lots of it products these past few days. Autoplay for YouTube videos is being rolled out and just a few days ago, Google Now on Android was updated so you could compose and send texts with a voice command. With iOS, Google doesn’t have the freedom to offer the same features that it can on Android but it does try. Google Maps for iOS has been updated and you can now use a voice command to look up directions for a destination.

Open Google Maps and wait for it to detect your current location. Tap the mic button in the search bar (allow the app to access your device’s mic) and when Google Maps starts listening give the command, ‘Directs to…’ followed by the name of your destination.

googlemaps_search googlemaps_directionsto

Once the app correctly identifies what you’ve said and the place you’re searching for is duly marked on Google Maps, you will be shown directions to your destination.


The update has several other features as well including a full screen view, transit lines  and the ability to filter results by Zagat reviews where available. To enter the full screen mode, simply tap once on any empty area on the map. An empty area is one that does not have a marker of any sort on it.


The full screen mode is pretty great for panning around. You can pinch the map to zoom in and out. Tap anywhere (once) to exit full screen mode.

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