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How To Use Animoji As Stickers On iPhone X

Animoji are the unexpected popular feature in iPhone X. Watching the September 2017 Apple event, no one could guess that a feature that lets you talk as a chicken would be this popular. Once iPhone X launched though, users got creative and animoji karaoke became a thing. That is, essentially, what made the feature ridiculously popular to the point that it got a Twitter trend going around it. It might surprise you to learn that you can also send these Animoji as stickers on iPhone X. Here’s how.

Animoji work only over iMessage and likewise, the stickers will only send over iMessage. Your recipient doesn’t need to have an iPhone X in order to view the stickers. Any iPhone model running iOS 11 will be able to see the animoji sticker.

First, open the Messages app and select someone to message from the various conversation threads you have. Alternatively, you can also start a new conversation thread, it makes no difference either way. Next, tap the App Store icon next to the text input field.

In the app drawer that opens, tap the Animoji icon. Allow it to capture an expression or two and then drag and drop it on to the message you just sent.

Animoiji sticker will play back your expression for your recipient. If you want to record a longer message in Animoji, we recommend sending it as it is i.e. as an animoiji instead of sending it as a sticker.

Be warned that if you send the animoji in the text field, you’re essentially going to be sending it as an animoij. The trick here is to drag & drop it on to an iMessage. If you’ve used other sticker packs in Messages, this shouldn’t be too complicated to get the hang of. If you haven’t sent stickers in the past, try sending a few free ones first. Alternatively, if you have any games on your iPhone X, chances are the developers have also released a sticker pack for it. Most game developers do. Check your app drawer in Messages to see if there’s something you can make a few practice attempts with.

If you’re wondering why you’d want to send animoji as stickers instead of just sending the animoji itself well, your reasons can be your own. Maybe you’d like to send a winking monkey or an angry looking poo and place it on a particular message sent in a thread. Perhaps you want your reaction to be sent faster which a sticker definitely will be.

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