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Use Any Image As Background For Stock Photos App In iPad [Cydia]

For many people, Windows Phone 7 isn’t mainstream enough to be included in most smartphone discussions, but I have been a fan of the Mango platform for quite a long time, and that’s why I couldn’t help comparing the new Cydia tweak ‘RollPaper’ with a stock feature in WP7. RollPaper is a pretty single-purpose jailbreak tweak, using which you can set any image as the background for the stock Photos app in a jailbroken iPad, just like WP7. RollPaper is available only for iPad, and that makes perfect sense, as the background is visible clearly only in the iPad version of the Photos app. The tweak has options to let users set both downloaded and system images as the app’s background, and if you want, you can even choose distinct backgrounds for all your albums within the Photos app!

PaperRoll iPad PaperRoll iPad Settings

The tweak is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store as a free download. After you have installed it to your jailbroken iPad, you have to configure everything via the menu it adds to the Extensions panel of the stock Settings app. There are two main submenus in the RollPaper options list. The first option is there to let users choose a background image for the whole Photos app, while the second one is the Album Background Chooser. In both these menus, there are options for System Images and Camera Images (although the System images option didn’t work for us). Once you have selected the image for the Photos app or your albums, just hit the Confirm button. The device won’t even require a respring, and your Photos app will be beautified immediately.

RollPaper is a free tweak, and if you like customizing your iPad, do give it a shot. The wallpapers you apply to the Photos app via this tweak will look to be a part of the OS, and not something that has been forced upon the system. The looks are streamlined, and if you choose the right image, all the thumbnails are bound to look stunning. Having said that, things can work out even better if you select a wallpaper that does not make the thumbnails hard to see. Of course, RollPaper is only available for iPad because the iPhone’s smaller screen does not accommodate too much blank space behind the thumbnails in the stock Photos app. Unlike the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch have closely packed thumbnails in the Photos app, so using a background image there is bound to be a complete waste.

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