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Use Any Photo Or Color As Background For iPhone Notification Banners

BannerImage has not been around in the jailbreak store for too long, but many people are already comparing it to the FlagPaint tweak. The comparison is justified to a large extent, since both tweaks are designed to let users change the appearance of notification banners, but we have to point out that BannerImage takes things to the next level. While FlagPaint renders quite good-looking results, it gets a bit monotonous after a while, since there are only so many colors or styles you can apply to your banners with it. With BannerImage, on the other hand, you get all that, plus the ability to use any image from your iPhone’s camera roll as the background for the banners. Although the newer tweak’s controls don’t look as refined as FlagPaint’s, we have to say that the customization options are certainly better.

BannerImage iOS Themes BannerImage iOS Edit

Rather than operating out of the stock Settings app, BannerImage adds an icon of its own to the SpringBoard. This standalone app has all the themes that come with BannerImage by default. There are plenty of available options here, ranging from themes with a solid color to ones that have elaborate patterns incorporated with them. Each theme also changes the font color of the banners to keep the text readable.

That’s only half the story though, since the real fun begins when you hit the ‘New Theme’ button. To create a banner theme of your own, first choose a background image. You can choose a picture from any album present in the stock Photos app. A bit annoyingly, BannerImage does not display a preview of the selected image, so you just have to hope that the text color you configure will look good with it. To set this font color, use the three RGB sliders provided at the top of the editing screen. If you don’t like the end results when the next notification comes, you can always enter ‘Edit’ mode and make changes to any custom theme. It is also possible to delete themes that you have created yourself.

Although BannerImage works pretty well in its current state, there are a few things that need improvement. Like FlagPaint, this tweak should also get the ability to display a test notification, and an option to revert back to normal notifications won’t hurt either.

BannerImage is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store for a rather odd $1.49. If you are looking to change the banners a bit more subtly instead, give Animer a shot.

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