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Use Front & Back Camera To Record Video-In-Video Movies On Your iPhone

You’ve likely seen a lot of reaction videos on YouTube. Often they are created in the PiP (picture in picture) format. If you’ve ever wanted to record a short video in the same format Twicer is the free iOS app that lets you do just that. You can either record a new video with the front and back cameras, or you can use a video from your camera roll and record commentary or reactions, to the video using the front  camera. The app can only record videos up to a minute long and there isn’t an in-app purchase available that will let you record a longer video. The app also adds a ‘Twicer’ watermark at the bottom right of the video and videos are compressed before being saved though there is no significant loss in video quality.

Twicer will save your videos to your camera roll but it is also a video sharing platform in itself so it will upload any and all videos you create to its own service. You will have to create an account, either using Facebook or your email to save your final video to your camera roll.

Launch the app and go through the very brief tutorial that will teach you how to use the app, and tell you what editing features it has to offer. The main video is recorded first, Twicer does not offer simultaneous recording from both the front and back camera. If you want to use a video from your camera roll, tap the photos button at the right of the record button to select it.

Twicer Twicer_record

Once you’re done recording the first/main video, Twicer switches to recording with the front facing camera. You can adjust the volume of each video and add a caption to it as well. Once you’ve finished recording, tap ‘Next’ (sign up to Twicer) and then wait for the video to upload and save to your camera roll.

Twicer_recording Twicer_trim

The video length limit and the watermark which cannot be removed are the major negatives of the app. If they’re attempting to take over the same niche as Instagram, or carve out a new one that is somewhat similar to Vine, the developers ought to consider removing the watermark at the very least.

Install Twicer From The App Store

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