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Quickly Ask Siri Predefined Questions Using Gestures With Ask Assistant

While the jailbreak store has a lot of tweaks meant specifically to enhance or augment Siri, we doubt if any developer has previously come up with the idea of using everyone’s favorite personal assistant in conjunction with Activator. MyAssistant does have support for gestures to some extent, but the idea behind Ask Assistant is completely different from that. This tweak lets you define five questions, and then you can program Activator to launch Siri with the answers to these questions. For example, to view weather through Siri, just define that question in the tweak’s menu. Now you can invoke Siri simply by performing an Activator gesture of your choice, without even long-pressing the Home button and trying to make Siri understand what you are saying.

Ask Assistant iOS Questions Ask Assistant iOS Activator Ask Assistant iOS

Ask Assistant adds a menu of its own to the stock Settings app, but you can’t configure the tweak completely from there – this menu is just meant to let users define their most frequently asked Siri queries. You can put anything in the five available slots, but it is better to go for questions that have dynamic answers (not much use setting up an Activator gesture to ask “Siri, will you marry me?” ). Questions like “How’s the weather?” and the progress report of your favorite sports team can serve well here.

Once the questions have been defined, simply go back to the main Settings page. Now, enter Activator settings and start assigning different gestures to all the questions. Activator actions for all of the five questions appear in the list of options for all gestures. You can choose universal as well as section-specific gestures for the questions.

As you might have noticed from the first screenshot above, Ask Assistant doesn’t force its users to fill every slot with a question. If you can’t think of five things worth assigning a gesture to, simply type one or two questions and just leave the rest blank.

When Siri is invoked using one of the defined gestures, you don’t have to say a word. Wait for it to process the information, just the way it would if you actually ask the question using your voice. To get out of the Siri interface though, you still have to use the Home button.

Ask Assistant is a free tweak and works with only Siri-enabled devices. Most probably, Sara and other Siri ports won’t work with the tweak, but it can’t hurt to give it a try with them as well. You can grab the tweak from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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