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SelfieTime Helps Take Great Selfies With The Rear Camera On Your iPhone [Paid]

We all take selfies, there’s no denying it. There’s also no denying the fact that no matter how great the front-facing camera on our iPhone is, it is still not as good as the back-facing camera. Additionally, we have no flash for the front facing camera so if you’re having lunch with friends in a dimly lit restaurant, or any place with low lighting, you would probably want, or wish you could use the rear camera to snap a picture. SelfiTime is an iPhone app worth $0.99 in the App Store that lets you take selfies with the rear-facing camera. What you need is two iPhones and the app installed on both. Granted this might raise the bill to $1.98 but if you’re with family and there is a shared Apple ID, you need only purchase the app once and download it to all your devices. The app connects both phones so that one is the ‘viewer’ and the other remains the camera. Images from the camera on one phone is displayed live on the screen of the other making it easier to take selfies since you can see what your camera is going to capture. The app can connect over Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. Once you’ve snapped a picture, the image is saved to both phones.

Download and install the app on two iPhones and launch it. It will take a little time for the apps to find the other phone that is running it. If you’re connecting over Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi, it will take slightly longer. Once connected, you will be able to see which iPhone it has connected to.

The first thing you will notice is that the shutter button is blue on one phone, and red on the other. The iPhone with the blue shutter button is the ‘Viewer’ that receives input from the other iPhone’s camera. The iPhone that sends the image via its rear camera is the one with the red shutter button. Check out what they will look like in the screenshots below.

blue red

You might also notice that the image quality on the ‘viewer’ is very low but rest assured this is only as far as the preview is concerned. The image comes out nice and sharp. To take a picture, you can tap the shutter button on either one of the phones. Once the picture has been snapped, it immediately begins to transfer to the second phone.

You can reverse the viewer and camera role between the two phones by tapping the arrow reverse button at the top right of the app’s interface. From the viewer phone, you can also turn on the flash on the other phone by tapping the flash button at the top left. If you want to disable photo transfer to the ‘viewer’ phone, go to the app’s settings and turn ‘Transfer Photos’ off.

switch phones settings

Technically there is nothing stopping you from taking pictures using the rear facing camera without using an app like this; you can turn your phone around right now and try to snap one as long as your finger doesn’t get in the way of the lens, and no one’s head is being cut off, and you can press down on the volume-up button without your hand shaking, and you don’t drop your phone, everything should be just fine. If you want to do this painlessly, SelfieTime is the way to go.

Install SelfieTime From App Store

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