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Velox Adds Widgets & Notification Popups To iPhone App Icons [Review]

Remember MusicWidget (Velox style), the tweak we covered almost a month ago? As mentioned in that review, Velox was always meant to be the real deal, with MusicWidget providing just a tantalizing glimpse of things to come. Well, the wait is finally over, and Velox has finally been made available to the jailbreak community, in what might prove to be a bigger release than even MessageBox. Velox is one of the very few tweaks that has the potential to revolutionize the way people use iOS. There are plenty of widgets already available in Cydia, but Velox provides the neatest way to access the most useful options related to any iPhone app on the go. You can send messages, check your Facebook feeds, manage notifications and control music without opening any app at all!


Velox has a menu of its own inside the stock Settings app, which contains a thorough tutorial and options to let users choose the activation method for widgets. By default, the additional options can be accessed by swiping vertically on any icon. For some apps, there are specialized widgets, while others just let you view the pending notifications for that app. The widget for such apps can be used to clear notifications and badges simply by swiping from right to left or downwards. Here are a few of the widgets Velox users can use to perform different tasks right from the Home screen of their iPhone.

Velox iOS Message Velox iOS Mail Velox iOS Notes


The widget associated with the stock Messages app can let you compose new iMessage or text messages without leaving the SpringBoard. It is also possible to reply to incoming texts by swiping across the notification within the widget and choosing ‘Reply’.


This widget is pretty similar to the Messages one, but lacks the ‘compose’ option.


In a hurry to jot down something important? Simply swipe on the Notes app’s icon and create a new note right from the SpringBoard. The composition window is pretty simple, but still offers a ‘save’ button to make sure users aren’t forced to launch the app to finish their work.

Velox iOS Photos Velox iOS Camera Velox iOS Phone


To share a photo right after you have captured it, simply invoke the Velox widget from the icon of the Photos app. The available sharing options include Twitter, Facebook, Mail and copy to clipboard. This widget deals with only the latest photo saved to your camera roll.


iOS already offers the camera grabber to let users snap photos quickly and without having to unlock their device, but with Velox, you get an even quicker way. The Velox widget for the Camera app can be used to capture both photos and videos, and lets you switch between front and rear cams.


From the Phone app, it is possible to view the log of recent calls you have made and received. To make things even more functional, the widget has buttons to return the call or send a message to the caller.

Velox iOS Weather Velox iOS Settings Velox iOS Music


This is probably the coolest widget offered by Velox, in terms of looks. Swipe on the stock Weather app, and you get to see the current temperature, along with the forecast of all the areas you have added inside the app.


Using SBSettings? You now have a pretty good alternative in the form of the Settings widget by Velox. This widget has a brightness control slider, and one-tap toggles for DoNotDisturb, Wi-Fi, orientation lock, flashlight, location, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, etc.


This widget is unique because it works with all apps that are capable of music playback, rather than just the stock one. So, if you like Spotify or any third-party music player, Velox can still come in handy with this widget that has basic controls and a seek bar.

Velox iOS Safari Velox iOS Cydia Velox iOS Facebook


You can navigate to any web page you want using the Velox Safari widget. To open the same page in the browser, hit the arrow icon. Just remember that every time you quit the widget, the opened page is lost and even the address bar shows up empty.


Whenever a download is going on in any app, you can get a progress bar for it on the SpringBoard by swiping on the app’s icon.


The Cydia widget loads a list of all the latest plugins and tweaks that are released in the jailbreak store, letting you go to their dedicated page via Safari.


The Facebook app yields a window that has the main feeds page and even the icons that let you view pending notifications and friend requests.

Both the Cydia and Facebook widgets aren’t mentioned on the Velox description page, so we can only assume that with the passage of time, even more of the tweak’s awesomeness will be discovered. The only disappointing thing about Velox is that the tweak doesn’t work with apps placed inside a folder. Having said that, the price tag of $1.99 is more than justifiable for a release that offers features that would have been welcomed even as ten separate tweaks. Give Velox a go by heading to BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, as we are sure you won’t regret spending your money on it.

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