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View Concert And Stadium Seats In VR Before You Buy Tickets [iOS]

Attending a live event, whether it’s a hockey game or a concert, is about the experience of actually being there. In most cases the view you get watching something at home is always going to be better than the view you get from a fixed seat in the stands. That said, there is little that beats attending a live event such as a baseball game and some seats give you a better view than others. Rukkus Tickets is a service that sells tickets to sporting events and concerts. The service has an iOS app  that lets you check purchase tickets and as of a recent update, you can use the app to check out the view from your selected seats in VR. The app lets you ‘try out’ the seats in VR before you buy them. You will need either Google Cardboard or a similar VR headset.

Install Rukkus Tickets and open it. Select the type of event you want to get tickets for e.g., a baseball game and the app will list all venues that have available tickets. Select a venue and you can check out the available seats. Tap a seat on the stadium’s floor map to go to the purchase screen. If VR view is available for the selected arena, there will be a VR headset button at the top right. Tap it to enter the VR view for the selected seats.

Rukkus Tickets-seats Rukkus Tickets-VR-view

Slide your phone into your VR headset and take a look around. The app gives you a pretty good idea as to what kind of view you will have from the seats you’ve chosen. Tap the close button at the top right to return to the purchasing screen where you can buy tickets or select different seats.

Rukkus Tickets

Rukkus Tickets makes very clever use of VR. You wouldn’t imagine an app or a service like Rukkus would be able to take advantage of the VR platform but they’ve done it and very intelligently so. The app is in the process of adding VR previews for more arenas. The VR feature has not been added to Rukkus Tickets for Android just yet.

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