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View The Latest Medium Posts In The iOS Notification Center

Medium is a publishing platform that just about anyone can publish on. There’s no limit to what you can write about and if you can offer insight into a particular lifestyle, a specialized job area, or just an experience you had, your post will likely do well. Medium has its own dedicated app for iOS devices in the App Store and while the app is great, it lacks a widget that you can add to the Notification Center. Medget is a free and open source iOS app that is essentially the missing widget for the Medium App. It shows you the last four posts on Medium and lets you open them in Safari.

Install Medget and move it to the folder that contains other apps you never use. Medget works entirely from the Notification Center so you won’t need to access the app. Pull down the Notification Center, go to the Today tab and tap Edit. Add the MediumTodayWidget. Exit the editing mode, and tap the widget in the ‘Today’ tab to expand it. It will show you the top four trending posts on Medium. Tap any one of the posts and it will open in Safari.

medget-add medget

The widget works great but you can see the obvious problem with it; it doesn’t open the posts in the Medium app. It doesn’t connect with your Medium account either and doesn’t take into consideration any collections you might follow. All this leads to the top posts not being tailored to your interests. Anyone who is enthusiastic about Medium posts enough to want to add a dedicated widget for it to the Notification Center is likely going to be put off by this.

The best solution would of course be for Medium to add a widget to its app and make it so no one needs to use a third-party tool. That said, Medget is still the first version of the widget so we can always hold out for improvement. You must be running iOS 9 or above to use this widget.

Install Medget From The App Store

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