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View Source Of Any Web Page In Safari With This iOS 8 Extension & App [Paid]

For web developers, having access to a site’s source is imperative. There is a convoluted method of viewing source natively, one that involves some degree of manipulation of javascript and favourites, OR we could just download View Source for iOS and call it a day. It’s a new iOS app worth $0.99 in the App Store and it’s one of the newest apps to take advantage of extensions on iOS 8.  Needless to say, it won’t work unless you have iOS 8. The app allows you to view the source of a web page on an iOS mobile device. The app lets you view source inside its own browser and also works as an extension for Safari so that you can view the source of any page you have open in it.

View Source - Landscape

Before we delve right into the functionality, it is important to understand that View Source might not have been as effective a tool had it not been for iOS 8’s support for extensions. See, apps in iOS 7 were incapable of accessing other installed apps, this meant that for tools like View Source, Pocket or Flipboard , you would have to copy a link, open the app and then manually make the entry. Seasoned Android users will look upon this arrangement with a much warranted derision, since they have had this functionality for quite a few years now. With iOS 8, you can share extensions between apps, as part of their open architecture. So, if you want to view a site’s source now, all you have to do is tap the share button and open in View Source.

View Source - Adding View Source - Portrait 2

There is a bit of a configuration for that, open Safari, tap on the share button, in the menu that pops up, where it says ‘Add Bookmarks’, ‘Add to Reading List’,etc. scroll right and you will find a button that reads ‘more’ with three dots for an icon. Tap that and add the feature(s) you want, here. Now, these features will be available any time you access a “Share” menu in iOS 8.

View Source - ToggleView Source - Themes

Now, onto the actual app. View Source is for a select demographic only, namely the developers. Having been a web developer once, a lifetime ago, I can imagine the excitement this prospect presents. Though it doesn’t come up frequently, but if a website’s source needs to be accessed quickly, then this is exactly the tool for the job.

Do keep in mind that it is quite a burden to read on the iPhone, it will be easier on the iPad, even relatively easier on iPhone 6 plus. However with appropriate color coded tags – that you can adjust in themes – it can be made very easy to read.

I recommend all web developers to have this on hand, sometimes efficiency comes in handy.

 Install View Source From The App Store

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