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View Your Instagram Feed From The Notification Center On Your iPhone

Instagram has some truly wonderful works of photography and if you can look past the many selfies that people post, you can find exceptionally great artwork. Instagram users are one of two types; active posters and passive browsers. If you don’t post to Instagram often but enjoy the many accounts you’ve subscribed to, then Feeday is an iOS app that you might like. It’s a widget  for the notification center that lets you view the three most recent photos in your home stream and if you tap a photo, you can switch directly to it in the Instagram app.

Open Feeday after you’ve installed it and connect your Instagram account. It doesn’t switch to the Instagram app so you will need to sign in to your account from inside the app.

Once you’ve connected your account, pull down the Notification Center and add the Feeday widget to it from the Today tab. Once added, the widget will show you the three most recent photos in your Instagram feed. Tap a photo to open it in the Instagram app.

Feeday Feeday-nc

Feeday is free to download however, it offers in-app purchases which will allow you to view more than the standard three photos in the notification center. The upgrade costs $0.99 and gives you two additional grids for viewing photos; a three by two, and a three by three, grid.

I’m not going to criticize the app for trying to earn from an in-app purchase but the question is, will people actually want the upgrade that it’s selling. The idea of the app is certainly nice and maybe something Instagram should offer itself.

Install Feeday From The App Store

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