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Vox Gives The iPhone Battery Indicator A Minimal, Circular Design

A lot has been said and written about Apple’s new flat UI for iOS 7, and the emphasis on minimalism in almost all areas of the platform. Many have taken issue with the way app icons look in the update’s beta version, but some have also been appreciative of a few UI elements in iOS 7. The status bar received its chameleon-like characteristics in iOS 6, and has been revamped yet again in iOS 7. The signal bars are now rounded instead of vertical, and the battery indicator is new as well. Vox is not a port of the iOS 7 battery indicator by any means; rather it shows an alternative way the icon could have been redesigned to go with the update’s other minimal features. Rather than replicating an old-style alkaline cell, the Vox indicator is circular and changes its properties to match the current level of your device’s battery. The tweak is pretty unique for iOS, although it is somewhat reminiscent of the circular battery mod that came out for Android quite a while back.

Vox iOS Charging Vox iOS Numeric Vox iOS Visual

After you have downloaded Vox, no further configuration is needed as it springs into action without any external prompting. The tweak has no menu in the Settings app or icon on the SpringBoard. You will know that it is working properly as soon as the stock battery indicator is replaced with a circular one that changes its color and size depending upon the remaining battery percentage.

Whenever the device is on charging, the status bar icon remains white, with a flash sign superimposed on it. As soon as the battery reaches 100%, the icon turns green. When not on charging, the battery icon diminishes in radius with the passage of time, with the diminished part shown faded, until it becomes nothing more than a red dot inside a circle. If you want to view the exact battery percentage, pull down the Notification Center, as the indicator that shows up there has a numeric value written inside it.

For best results, it is better to use Vox after turning off the numerical battery percentage on your iPhone. This can be done by heading to the Settings app and looking for the Usage menu under the ‘General’ section. There is no compulsion for turning the numeric display off, but it will just be rather redundant with Vox.

Vox is a really simple tweak, and doesn’t cost a penny. Those of you who are just tired of the same old battery indicator and want a change in the status bar are gonna love it. It must be noted that the tweak does not alter the lock screen charging icon in any way, and deals solely with the indicator in the top-right corner of the screen. Give Vox a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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