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Waaaaay! – Follow the Arrow Is An Easy-To-Follow Navigation Tool

If you’re good with directions, rarely get lost, and are quick to find yourself again if you do, you know this ability is sort of like having a super power. You also know that a good sense of direction isn’t popularly recognized as a supernatural ability, you’re pre-disposed to think that everyone should be able to find their way from point A to point B without any trouble. If nothing else, anyone should be able to use Google Maps but that sadly isn’t the case. Lots of people still get lost and/or have trouble following a map. Waaaaay! – Follow the Arrow is turn-by-turn navigation for dummies (no offense). If you find following directions is overly complicated, this app is what you need. It detects your current location, asks you to pick a destination, and then guides you with nothing more than a compass. It’s up to you to pick which route you want to take as long as you’re following the arrow.

Waaaaay! has two modes; a destination mode which is for getting you from point A to Point B and a meet-up mode that lets you create and Share a map using the Line app or Facebook.

Waaaaay Waaaaay modes

The Meet-up mode isn’t all that special but the Destination mode is pretty good. Waaaaay! will ask to use your current location and it will ask you to pick/search for a destination. The app also lets you find coffee shops or stations near by. When you’re ready, tap the green arrow on your destination and follow the compass.

Waaaaay! will tell you how far you are from your destination and it will give you a simple arrow to follow. It’s up to you to pick the route.

Waaaaay destination Waaaaay direction

Waaaaay! is pretty simple and although the developers say it’s for people who have trouble following maps, I personally find the app can be put to much better use. Imagine anyone with an iPad or an Android tablet mounted on their dashboard. This app can be a much better navigation guide than say Google Maps which you might have to squint at and pan around to view while you’re driving. Waaaaay! is a much safer way to follow directions when you’re driving because it doesn’t demand much attention.

The app is also great if you’re travelling in a foreign city and even more useful if you don’t speak the language there. In such a situation, road and street names will mean little to you unless they are duly labelled in a language you can read. Waaaaay! takes the whole road, street, avenue etc name out of the equation.

The app is a bit rough around the edges. It supports Japanese and English but has trouble with scripts for other languages. It is also slow to respond (tested on an iPhone 4 running iOS 7) to touch input. The Android version hasn’t been tested thoroughly and the developers warn you before hand. Waaaaay! is great for in-car navigation instructions.

Download Waaaaay! From The App Store

Download Waaaaay! From The Google Play Store

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