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What Happens To The Pokèmon In A Gym When It Is Taken Over

When you join a gym, you have to pledge one of your own Pokèmon to help defend it. It’s a good idea to give up a stronger one so that anyone looking to take over or challenge your gym has tougher opponents to defeat. That doesn’t mean someone can’t ever take over your gym. Regardless if you’ve joined a gym or you’re the leader of one, someone will eventually come alone and try and take it from you. In the event that they’re successful you’re probably wondering what happens to the Pokèmon pledged to it. The answer is; nothing. Your Pokèmon cannot be taken from you regardless if you lose a battle or an entire gym. If you want more details, read ahead.

When your gym is taken over by someone else, there are one of two circumstances.

You Were A Member Of The Gym

When someone else takes over a gym, you no longer remain a member of it. If it’s been taken over by a player that was never a part of your gym but belongs to the same team as you, you will still be ‘kicked out’ with everyone else. The Pokèmon you pledged to it will be returned to you. It’s likely fought a battle and lost so its HP will be reduced, possibly to zero. You will have to revive and restore it. If someone who is a member of your gym simply beats all the other Pokèmon in it, they become gym leader. Your membership remains intact and little changes for you. The gym’s reputation will increase.

You Were Gym Leader

You can kiss your crown good-bye, that much is for sure. The Pokèmon you pledge to your gym when you’re gym leader continues to appear in your Pokèmon list with a little badge on it to indicate which one you’ve pledged. When your gym is taken over, the badge disappears and your Pokèmon. The Pokeèmon will be weak from battle, and will need to be restored and revived.


In either case, you don’t lose points. The gym on the other hand will need to be captured again. Any reputation added to the gym through previous battle wins is lost. In order to take back the gym you will now have to battle every single Pokèmon pledged to it. Once you capture the gym, you will have to build its reputation again.

In a nutshell, your Pokèmon remain with you regardless of your membership status in the gym i.e. member or leader. Your reputation is lost. It’s gone.


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