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Whims For iPhone Is Like Instagram For Stylized Words & One-Liners

Although Instagram is basically an image sharing service, a lot of photos posted on the network are nothing more than inspirational (or even random) quotes in fancy fonts and pretty backgrounds. While many people like such photos, a considerable percentage of users think that Instagram is not the right platform for such text-oriented images. Apparently, the developers of the new Whims app appear to wholeheartedly agree with that, and have come up with a brand new social network that aims to weed out these quotes from Instagram, and provide them with a home of their own. Thanks to Whims, you can easily create elaborate text snippets, complete with customizable fonts, text styles and background images. The end product, or rather, the ‘whim’ can be saved to your camera roll, shared with your friends on other social networks, or published on the app’s own network.

Whims iOS Spotlight Whims iOS Post Whims iOS Edit

As Whims is a social networking app, you have to start things off by signing up for a new account via email and setting a profile picture for yourself. Once the signup is complete, you will be offered the choice to link your Facebook account with Whims, so that the app can look for your friends on the network. Alternatively, you may choose to let the app search through your iPhone contacts. Since the network is pretty new, chances are that you won’t find many of your friends using it for now, but you could change that by inviting people yourself.

The Spotlight section of Whims, which displays the most popular images on the network, will give you an idea of the nature of posts published by other users. If you are following someone on Whims, or have linked up with some of your friends, you can track their activities in the Your Network tab.

To create your own post, hit the big cloud button at the bottom. Once you have entered the text in the text box that follows, it’s time to spruce things up. At the bottom of this screen, you’ll find a list of all available themes. You can change the theme’s color, increase the text’s line spacing and change its font and indentation.

If you make your post public, any Whims user will be able to see it. Otherwise, the whim is only visible to people in your own network. As mentioned before, Sharing options also include saving the image to your device, or posting it to Facebook. This means that even if you don’t want to be part of yet another social network, you can just use Whims just to create text-oriented images. The only thing we feel is missing is the option to use photos as backgrounds for whims. Then again, the feature might have been purposefully left out of the mix to give the app a more words-only feel.

The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and can be downloaded for free.

Download Whims For iOS

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