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Whitespace Is A Neat Note-Taking iPhone App With A Powerful Text Editor

Last month we covered an app named Grid that offered users a nice way of maintaining a scrapbook as well as a to-do list in one place. It is always nice to see such multipurpose apps, especially if they come with a clean UI and are easy to use. Whitespace is not quite similar to Grid, but you can place it in the same genre. The app is basically a text editor, but has the distinction of striking the perfect balance between being a simple note-taking app and having the features of a proper word processor. Whitespace lets you quickly jot down notes, but also has the option of attaching media files to each entry. This means that the app can also be used for purposes such as creating galleries out of the photos you already have on your iPhone. To make the app really great, there is a comprehensive tagging system that can be used to easily search through notes and arrange them into neat folders.

Whitespace iOS Home Whitespace iOS Settings

The folders that store your notes in Whitespace are named ‘Spaces’, and you can get started with the app by creating one. Just hit the ‘+’ icon in the bottom half of the main screen. The app automatically color-codes all the spaces you create for your convenience. If you are having trouble getting a grip on the app’s working, head to the settings section and read the content filed under ‘App Concept’. There are a couple of other useful options in the same menu as well, like specifying if you want to save the attached photos to the camera roll, or enabling the syntax highlighting mode.

Whitespace iOS Text Whitespace iOS Photo

To create a new note, simply enter a space you have created. An alternative way of going about this is to use the quick access bar at the top of the screen, where there are shortcuts for adding both text and photos. In the Whitespace editing screen, the keyboard comes with some really good text options. You can choose heading styles, add different variations to the text (like italicizing it, or enclosing it in quotes), or use the quick selection shortcut for easy editing.

In order to attach a photo to any of your notes, hit the clip icon above the keyboard. Photos and videos can be loaded from the camera roll or snapped right from within the app. There is no limit to the number of photos that can be attached with a note, so feel free to create entire galleries within each entry in Whitespace. The notes, complete with the attached files, can be shared via email or by exporting them to other apps.

Whitespace is a free app, but if you want to remove the ads that come with it, an in-app purchase of $1.99 has to be made. You can get the app for your iPhone or iPod touch by heading to the following link.

Install Whitespace from App Store

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