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Wibbitz For iPhone Creates Short Video Summaries Of The Day’s Top News

Yahoo!’s acquisition of Summly and the service’s integration with its own app later demonstrates how times are changing, with people increasingly moving away from reading lengthy news stories that take up a large part of their time. Thanks to Twitter and other social networks, everyone wants to know more in less words. A lot of developers seem to be picking up this idea, and we are finally seeing some innovation in the genre. Wibbitz is a bit like the previously covered Winston but unlike that app, Wibbitz is not limited to just audio summaries. This app creates short slideshows (accompanied by audio) out of news stories from various categories. To give the whole thing a more personal touch, you can also select news sources of your choice and arrange them exactly as you want.

Wibbitz iOS Content Wibbitz iOS Menu Wibbitz iOS Feed

Although the app has a few default sources already added to it, you can customize the content shown by Wibbitz by heading to its main menu. Hit the gear icon located in the top-left corner and choose a general category you want to add to the source list. Inside each category, there are several subgenres and individual sources that can make the app a whole lot better. To remove an existing feed from your list, swipe across it and hit the red trash icon. Feeds can be reordered by long-pressing and dragging them to a new position.

Wibbitz iOS Headline Wibbitz iOS Video Wibbitz iOS Share

To begin a slideshow directly from the Wibbitz feed list, tap a category’s name; hitting the arrow icon will give you a preview list of all the entries in it. Once on a feed’s main page, the app starts reading headlines aloud one by one, and this goes on till all the stories in the list have been read. To get a detailed presentation on an article and its summary read out to you, swipe upwards on its headline. To stop a presentation, tap the middle of the screen, and use the pause/play button available in the bottom bar. At the end of each video, you can leave your feedback regarding the quality of the presentation, which can lead to making Wibbitz better. Videos can also be shared over social media or via email.

In our experience, Wibbitz proved to be pretty reliable, and the summaries read by it were quite accurate on most occasions. The app is certainly worth checking out, so if you own an iPhone or iPod touch, head to the following link and grab Wibbitz for free.

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