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WikiView For iPad: Elegant Wikipedia Reader With Map View & Real-Time Search

You’ve all probably heard about Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia for readers by readers. Seriously, who hasn’t? If you often find yourself on the website, looking through its massive database of articles, you should know you can do the same on the go with WikiView for iPad. It incorporates most Wikipedia features and even provides additional features like saving an article for offline reading, removing those pesky references at the bottom of the page, searching articles by location via a world map and much more.


The first time you open the app, you’ll be directed to a Guide describing its working. This user-friendly guide explains all features of WikiView with clear and easy-to-understand terms. You won’t have any problems if you read through this just once. Questions like how to navigate between pages, create and manage bookmarks, go through the history, change settings, display and use the article’s table of contents and how to view the article in another language are all addressed here. To re-open this guide just tap the settings button and select User guide.


WikiView incorporates three methods of searching articles. To search by Article Title, just tap on the search bar at the top of the app, and type while making sure that the Title button in the dropdown suggestions menu is tapped/selected. As you type along, article suggestions are automatically listed in the menu shown. The Language button allows you to search for articles in your desired language.

Content Title

The second method of searching is Content searching. With the Content option selected, the dropdown menu lists suggestions by searching for the entered query through the content of articles rather than through article titles.

WikiView - Search by Location

The final and, in my opinion, the most interesting method of searching is the Nearby Articles option in the Bookmarks menu. Tapping this will open a new window with your current position on a map. The articles with their associated locations nearest to you will be shown as red placemarkers. You can navigate to any location in the world to view the articles in or around it. The app will search and show articles on the map whenever you stop for a little while. Tapping a pin once will reveal the corresponding article’s name and selecting the blue arrow beside the name will open the article itself. You can even switch between map view and satellite view if you want.

Even though you can’t edit the articles with WikiView, searching for articles has never been more fun. If you have an iPad, then grab the app from the link below. It’s only free for a limited time, so hurry!

Download WikiView

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