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WorkFlowy For iPhone: Create & Sync Detailed To-Do Lists And Notes On The Go

It is always nice to see the release of an iOS client for a web service that has been around for quite a while. The good thing about such apps is the way they usually offer cross-platform syncing, therefore making something even as simple as a text editor way more useful than other applications of its kind. We covered WorkFlowy a few months back, highlighting its features as a note-taking and task management utility offering comprehensive bulleting. The service is pretty useful as a web app, but imagine the possibilities if you have access to such a powerful to-do list manager on the go. That’s exactly what the new iOS app for WorkFlowy intends to do. The iPhone app is quite similar to the web one, and pakcs all the simplicity and efficiency that you require from a good note-taking app. You can search through your notes using the app’s universal search feature, and sync all your notes and to-do lists with your account, making everything available across all your devices.

WorkFlowy iOSWorkFlowy iOS List

WorkFlowy has a deceivingly simple interface, which might make you believe that the app does not have too many features. That is most definitely not the case.

If you have never used the service before, you will have to start by signing up for a new account. Doing so requires nothing but your email ID and a password for the app. Once you have logged in to WorkFlowy, you can begin creating new to-do lists and notes. Just hit the ‘+’ button on the screen and you are good to go. Hitting the Return key on the keyboard will add a new bullet to your note. If you want to change the indentation of a particular bullet, just select it and hit the arrow button at the top. You can add as many levels to your list as you want using the indentation arrows. To add a sub-list at any point in your note, hit the bullet icon. You can expand and collapse each list or sublist by hitting the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ icons in front of each respectively.

Once you have finished a task listed in your note, you can cross it out by selecting it and then tapping the Complete button from the top bar in WorkFlowy. The settings menu lets you choose to hide crossed out entries (they are visible and greyed out by default). You can use the app’s universal search option to look for any particular word, phrase or task anywhere in your notes.

The app will access all lists stored in your account, and will accordingly sync changes and new lists made on your iPhone with other devices. WorkFlowy is a universal app, and is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

Download WorkFlowy For iOS

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