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YoCam Adds A Number Of Filters & Lenses To Your iPhone Photos [iOS]

The number of Photography apps in the iTunes App Store is astounding, exceeded perhaps by only games and a few others. Be it camera replacement apps, unique photo skills development or photo editing tools that are pretty much on par with desktop software for amateurs, the App Store has all to offer. Then, it’s not like the number of applications is constant; on the contrary, it continues to grow (even in just this genre) by the minute. In the midst of all this, it becomes really difficult to identify an app that stands out and above the crowd, since most of the releases have hardly anything new to offer. Hitting the App Store just yesterday is YoCam – new universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that offers something fresh and noteworthy.

On the surface, YoCam is just another photo editing app, with various settings and adjustments available, accompanied by filters and lenses that can transform your photos into work of arts. It’s the nature of the filters that set YoCam apart from others in its genre. When you launch the app, you get the option to either take a photo directly from within the app, or use one from camera roll for editing. Settings can also be accessed from this same screen, although there isn’t much to tweak there.

YoCam (1) YoCam (2)

When you get to the photo editing part, you get an elegantly crafted interface with all the tweaking options laid out at the bottom of the screen. First up, you get a button to compare the edited image with the original one, as well as reverting any changes that you might have made. The second option is for image adjustment sliders, where you can change the likes of Brightness, Contrast, Lighting, Highlights etc The next item on the main menu is filters, and YoCam truly shines here – not only are the filters numerous (about 30), but also not your run of the mill, but rather unique. The only discomfort here is that the effect icons don’t really give a true indication of what the filter would look like, and many a times you have to apply the filter to see what the outcome will be.

YoCam (2) YoCam (4)

The next item on the list is what the app calls “Lenses” – a collection of light painting and effects that basically aim at transforming your photos into works of art. You can end up with some seriously impressive and cool photos by combining both the filter effects and lenses, and since both of them are several in number, the possible combinations are quite large. The final area is for cropping, where several aspect ratios are supported. Any effect that you choose to apply can be modified for strength and orientation in a number of ways.

Since the settings area is rather bland, output options are presented when you’re done editing and get to save your photo. YoCam allows sharing to a number of social apps directly from within, as well as saving the output in different resolutions. Should you want to continue your edit in another app, you can send the image directly to compatible apps as well.

YoCam (5) YoCam (6)

Overall, YoCam is a pretty neat package that has added to my photo editing arsenal on both my iPhone and the iPad. It’s easy to use and the outcome is pretty neat. My only beef is that the app is rather slow to respond, and could definitely use a snappier response time. It’s available for free at the iTunes App Store, and can be grabbed at the link below.

YoCam on iTunes App Store

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