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Access Menubar Items Anywhere On Mac With MenuPop

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MenuPop is a small application for Mac which is developed to let users access menubar menu items (including Apple menu) from current mouse location. It gives user an instant access to the menubar items, no matter where you’re working in Mac, dealing with an application workspace, surfing on web, or roaming around the dock, you can access the menubar items without having to move your mouse. It comes with a default hotkey combination to show the pop-up menu, nonetheless, it not only allows user to register a new hotkey for showing pop-up menu (menubar items) but offers customization of program’s behaviors and list of menubar items as well.

After installation, it will sit in the menubar, letting user bring up Preferences to customize different options and behaviors anytime. It’s recommended to verify the pre-defined hotkey combination to prevent any conflicts.

hot key 1

Alternatively, you can choose to select the items which you use most frequently and set the popup menu size.

preferences 2

The application was tested successfully on Mac 10.6

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