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Access Twitter From Mac Menu Bar With Twitter Desktop

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If you hate using Twitter desktop clients, such as, Seesmic, Tweetie, and Adobe Air Based TweekDeck because they take up too much memory or desktop space, then you have come to the right place. Twitter Desktop is a lightweight yet efficient Twitter client for Mac which will probably change the way you access Twitter. Just like previously featured Facebox, it sits in system menu bar, letting you access your Twitter account with a single click. Once logged in, it starts loading your Twitter account page in compact (Mobile version) with option to quickly switch to standard desktop version.

There is absolutely no configuration required to set it up. Just launch the app and you will see it sitting in menu bar. Underneath the Twitter window, some navigation buttons are present to browse through pages. By default, it doesn’t update Twitter timeline after regular intervals, but can be enabled to do so by clicking Auto Refresh button. It works on Mac 10.6.6

Install Twitter Desktop from App Store


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