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AccessMenuBarApps: Hide Menu Bar Items When Pressed For Space [Mac]

If you’re someone who has transitioned from a Windows PC to a Mac, one of the many things you will appreciate is having a bar at the top and a dock at the bottom to house all your icons. When it comes to apps’ icons, both the menu bar and dock are precious real estate. While the menu bar is an easy access point for apps, you have to share it with app menus, and if you’re on a small screen, not all your icons will be visible. AccessMenuBarApps is a free Mac app that acts as a hider for app menus, letting you quickly hide and unhide menus either by a keyboard shortcut or a simple mouse gesture. Think of it as hiding unnecessary menus which you don’t need with a simple flick (or two) of the mouse.

When you first launch the app, all app menus will disappear in an on-screen puff of smoke and you will see a small yin and yang button appear next to the Apple menu. All other app menus will disappear until you bring an app to front.


Click the button and open the app’s preferences. Record a shortcut for toggling the app and chose the gestures which will make the menus appear/disappear. You can set it to appear when you slide the mouse along the menu bar or when you hover over it twice with the cursor. The Sensitive menubar area slider allows you to choose which part of the menu bar will be responsive to your mouse gestures.  The two sliders allow you to constrain the sensitive area within the pixels defined from the right and from the left. The Pushing threshold slider determines how responsive the menu bar will be to a hovering cursor.

AccessMenuBarApps preferences

You can enable both sound and visual effects for the app, and chose what kind of icon will appear in the Dock as well. You can have either the default yin and yang icon, a clock or a pair of eyes that follow the cursor. While stalker eyes in the Dock would be a neat feature, this app is far more useful if you’re working with a small screen and need a clutter free menu bar.

Download AccessMenuBarApps For Mac

[via Lifehacker]

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