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Add Custom File & Folder Actions & Access Them From Menu Bar With MenuBrowser

There are quite a few app launchers available for Mac and almost equal number of apps that give you easy access to your frequently used files, folders and apps, but seldom do we come across an app that makes it easier to access these items as well as the context menu options. Context menu options mean more than just copying or pasting files and include other options like adding a file as an email attachment. MenuBrowser is a free Mac app that does all this with only one catch; some actions prompt you to upgrade and buy a $5 license to stop the prompts. You can dismiss the prompt and continue to use the app to its full potential, but if you find it extremely useful, you may want to get rid of these interruptions. You can add actions for opening a file with any app, adding a file as an attachment, sending it over Skype and adding custom scripts for file and folder actions.

MenuBrowser adds a briefcase-like icon to the menu bar. Clicking it shows that your Home folder has been added by default. You can add scripts and they will appear as additional file and folder options. Before you can start using the app, you need to set it up, so head over its Preferences first.

The first tab Folders in Menu is for picking which folders should appear in the menu bar. Use the folder finder to enter the path, it’s easier than typing in the path yourself. In case you check the Unwrap option, the contents of the selected folder will be listed in the main menu, whereas If you choose to leave it unchecked, you will see a comprehensive list of folders that you’ve added and a submenu that displays their contents.

In order to add scripts and have them appear in the file options, go to the Files tab. The Skype option is already there, and you only have to check it. The script you add can only be used for sending or opening a file in the application, and you cannot execute a command on the file itself.

MenuBrowser files

You can enable similar settings for folders from the Folder Actions tab. MenuBrowser lets you select one of five different icon types for the menu bar. You can use the Command+Shift+M hotkey combination to bring up the menu.


The app is best suited for users who have a lot of different file formats and just as many programs to open them. It supports Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. Testing was carried out on Mac OS X 10.8.

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