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Add Realistic Wood, Metal & Fabric Textures To Images With Elemento EZ For Mac

Whether you’ve grown tired of Instagram and its filters, or you’re just upset the company sort of almost said it was going to sell your pictures for money, you might be in the market for something new to do with your pictures. If you’re interested in a desktop app that can make pictures more interesting, Elemento EZ is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that is a fairly good option. While it isn’t Instagram, doesn’t work on your iPhone, and won’t make your morning cup of coffee any more interesting than it is, what it will do is allow you to add textures to your pictures. With the free version of the app, you get two textures each of metal, wood, and fabric. While the color scheme for each texture is fixed, the app allows you to make some adjustments and change the brightness level.

Elemento EZ works surprisingly well on both photographs and digital paintings. There are no preferences for you to manage, so you can dive right in and start texturizing your images. The app is divided in to two panels; the smaller one on the left is reserved for the original image, while the larger one on the right shows you a preview of the texture you have selected, along with any adjustments that you make. Buttons along the top of each panel allow you to zoom in or out, view the actual size, and pan the image. A crop tool lets you crop your image much like you would in OS X’s Preview app.

Elemento EZ

You can load an image from the ‘Open’ button in the top-left corner. By default, the first texture from the six available ones will be applied. You can see which colors will be used in the texture from the tile samples. The textures aren’t labeled or named to say which is a metal, wood, or fabric, but you will be able to tell that easily from the preview.  Use the Highlight, and Shadow sliders on the right of the image preview to adjust how the final result appears. Once satisfied with it, you can save the image or print it.

Elemento EZ textures

When applying textures, you will notice that the app’s background also changes for each one that you select. It basically shows you the texture you’re currently applying, and is a bit of added intelligence on the app’s part. Elemento EZ supports JPG, PNG and TIF formats. The pro version of the app gives you many more textures to choose from.

Download Elemento EZ From Mac App Store

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