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Air Media Server: Access Mac Files From Your iOS Device [Paid]

There are a multitude of apps that let you control and/or access your Mac from your iPhone. For the true Apple fan, uniting an iPhone with a Mac must be something like an Apple device marriage. Regardless of your sentiments for the concept, it is pretty useful, to say the least. Air Media Server is a free Mac app that lets you access all files on your Mac from your iPhone. You will need to install the iOS app which costs $1.99 in the Apple App Store. Both iOS device and Mac have to be on the same Wi-Fi network for you to be able to view the files. The files aren’t just a preview, if you have the correct app installed, you can modify them from your iOS device, as well.

When you first launch the app on your Mac, add or remove which folders you want to allow access to from your iOS device in the Sharing tab. To add a folder, click the plus sign at the bottom. You can also add an iTunes playlist or an iPhoto album. Select a folder and click the minus button to delete it.

Air Media Server

From the General tab, you select if the app will need authorization to connect to this Mac, if the connection will be available for all user accounts, and if the app icon should be visible in the Menu bar.

Air Media Server general

On your iOS device, launch the app and wait for it to detect the Mac automatically. The app must be running in the Menu bar for the iOS device to detect it. You will be prompted for the Mac account name and password, and all folders that you added to the app will be listed. You can browse through any of the files, view images, and even stream music directly from your Mac.

Air Media Center mac filesAir Media Center

Since the app works smoothly with zero glitches, it is well worth the price tag. You can use it to stream music from your Mac to your iPhone no matter what part of the house/office you’re in, without having to transfer the files to your device first. It also makes it easier to share photos and movies on your Mac with friends. In the event that you’re in a meeting and you’ve left an important file on your Mac, you can access it from your iPhone or iPad and save being embarrassed /ridiculed for a more serious occasion.

The app has a brilliant concept to it, and how you decide to put it to work is limited only by your own imagination and the type of sticky situations you can land yourself in.

Get Air Media Server From Mac App Store

Get Air Media Center From Apple App Store

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