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aLaunch – Create Groups For Apps To Access Them From Mac Menu Bar

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aLaunch is an application launcher for Mac, designed to create a list of apps which can be accessed from system menu bar. You can create different profiles for set of applications, documents and music folders, so you wont have to look through frustratingly long menu for any required application.

aLaunch is highly configurable and allows changing not only default list of items but icon and menu size as well. You can define a limit on apps that can be added to menus whilst showing a separate menu for all currently used applications to make switching between them easier. After mounting the app, right-click its menu bar menu and select Please configure to create a list of apps.

Under Item list, you can create separate groups for applications. From left side, add a group and give it a name. Now select it and start adding as many apps as want into that group from right side. Likewise, you can create more groups and add most frequently used applications in similar fashion.

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In Hotkey window, you can replace default hotkey combinations for launching apps. The iPhone tab refers to setting up aLaunch server for its iPhone app. Once you’ve done setting up app list, close the window to access apps from defined groups.

aLaunch works on Mac 10.5.x – 10.6.6

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