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Alfred: A Quick Launch Application For Mac

Alfred is a nifty quick launcher for your Mac which sits quietly atop the menu bar and does the magic whenever it gets a call! It has been created keeping the ease-of-use in mind and makes finding files and searching the internet a whole lot faster and easier.

desktop search'.jpg

With a very slick UI, once started, all you see is a large search bar in the center of screen ready for taking the command. Now type whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s something in your system you want to launch or on the web, you’ll get the results just in a flick. It enlists the results in order of most searched items on Google, Wikipedia & Amazon. To select a result, you can simply click, hit “return” or use Command + corresponding number given in front of each result.

search results.jpg

Alfred starts searching as soon as you start typing. It indexes through all the apps, tools, contacts, bookmarks & preference windows to search the specific files or items on your system. It comes bundled with searches it gets from various sites/engines and as soon you begin typing, it triggers the their name. For instance, if you’re looking for something on Google Maps, you just type maps and a places name, it will automatically gets you the results from Google Maps.

mac os x quick lauch.jpg

According the developers website, it currently supports search from the following websites:

Google, Froggle, Images, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Maps, Bing, Amazon, Ebay, Wikipedia, IMDB, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter.

Still in beta mode, Alfred borrows some of it’s functionality from Quicksilver but is much more optimized and user friendly, not to mention the blazing search speed. The developers have announced some new features releasing in coming months that include iTunes integration, a Calculator, and Contacts integration.

Current version is 0.6.3. We tested it on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

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