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Amelita: Use Context Menu Options From The Mac Menu Bar

Right-click context menu shows the app-related settings and options in a menu, and that’s why the options we see vary accordingly. Some options in the context menu are recurring, but being the context menu, it needs to be called separately in each app. Amelita is a free Mac app that runs in the menu bar and consolidates context menu options. It includes several of its own functions that allow you to send a command from one app to the other without having to launch the applications. A very common example of this would be text copied to your clipboard. You can paste this text to a number of apps, and Amelita makes it easier to do so. Pasting is of course an option you have available in the system context menus; Amelita also adds additional options that can be used with different apps.

Amelita adds an icon that looks like a woman’s silhouette to the menu bar. All context menu options are accessed through this icon. The options will vary depending on which apps are running. In some instances, an action may be applicable, but will not appear unless the app in question can execute it. A simple example would be if the Finder is open, but there are only apps in the folder you have and you are trying to create a PDF file from existing files in the said folder.


Similarly, if Mail is the active app and you’ve selected a message, Amelita will give you the option to add the email(s) from the message to your address book. It will take you some time getting to know all the options that the app adds and learning which actions you can send from one app to the other.

Amelita adds some excellent options for the desktop allowing you to show/hide file extensions and change the entire name of a file to capital, small or sentence case. To do so, go to your desktop with all other app windows minimized. Select the files you want to change the case for and click Amelita’s icon in the menu bar. You will see a Files Names option that will open an additional menu with nine options including the option to change the file name to upper case, lower case and title case (capitalize).

As different items are selected or different apps are active, the options you see will change as well as the actions you can perform. Amelita is unobtrusive and its entire interface comprises of the options you see in the menu bar.

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