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Select Colors Within Mac Apps By Entering HEX, RGB Or HSB Codes

Apps that allow you to customize their appearance, whether that of their interface, or of the content they deal with, use Mac’s default color chooser whenever they give the option to change colors. Mac’s color chooser is nothing like the ones you’re used to seeing on the web. The default color chooser has quite a few options for picking colors; a color disc, color sliders, palettes, a full color spectrum, and of course, the crayons. Though it is feature rich and supports RGB and CMYK color models, the color chooser won’t just let you enter HEX codes to choose colors. You can try the web color palette, but if you’d like something a little more familiar, then you need Antetype Color Picker. It’s a color picker that lets you choose colors by entering an HSB, RGB, or HEX code.

Download and extract the file, and move it to Library/ColorPickers. Open the color picker and you will see a new tab added to it.


This new tab and its color spectrum should be very familiar to you. A vertical bar to one side and a gradient to the left allow you to choose a color and its shade. An input box allows you to paste a color code. Hit enter to switch to it in the palette. The values in the  RGB or HSB fields can be changed to manipulate the color as well.

Antetype Color Picker is probably most useful for designers and developers, since it will give them a more familiar way to select colors, and test how they appear on Mac. Even for regular users who know a little about what a HEX code can do for them, this should provide them with accurate alternative to picking colors the conventional way.

The line of what appears to be color holders at the bottom of this tab, sadly, do nothing. If they could save recently selected colors, it would be the cherry on top.

Download Antetype Color Picker For Mac

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